A couple months ago, a Canadian couple contacted us, as wedding photographers, for a post wedding photoshoot in Malaga or Marbella. They were on their honeymoon. They were going to visit several places in Europe and Morocco.

As wedding photographers and according to their preferences, we suggested them take a walk through the center of the city of Malaga, port and finish at the beach.

We waited for them to come down from the hotel where they were staying. Mohammed and Ariana wore beautiful dress and costume. They did not go unnoticed on the streets of Malaga even several people wanted to be photographed with them.

We begin the walk through the “Tribuna de los Pobres” to continue through several charming corners of the city of Malaga. We are wedding photographers who love to combine different scenes in the post wedding sessions.

Just before sundown, we walk through the port and arrived at the beach where we play with the sand, shells and the sea.

We have to admit that this wonderful and cheerful couple made us work, the photo session, very easy.

It was very exciting to receive a video where this couple congratulated us for the photos delivered. Details like that make us grow as wedding photographers.